The Consortium for Socially Relevant Philosophy of/in Science and Engineering

This form is for those who would like to have their institution considered for an institutional membership in the Consortium For Socially Relevant Philosophy Of /In Science And Engineering.


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According the the SRPOISE Consititon, the privileges and responsiblities of an Insitutional Membership include the following:

Section 4.3 Institutional Membership: Departments, Institutes or Centres with an existing research program that has a clearly articulated focus on SRPoiSE may apply to become an Institutional Member. Institutional membership enables a maximum of two representatives to attend Board of Management meetings but with a single voting right. Institutions that desire membership in the Consortium must submit an application to the Board of Management of SRPoiSE; the requirements for submission are on the website. Institutional members must be approved by a majority vote of the board members. Institutional Membership requires a commitment to:

• Host at least one internal, SRPoiSE-labeled event per year (such as a guest lecture, colloquium, workshop or conference);

• Host the annual international conference/workshop on a rotating basis;

• Contribute to the SRPoiSE communication network through widely distributing updates on SRPoiSE related events, publications, and research to colleagues and others who would have an interest in socially relevant philosophy of/in science;

• Attend the annual Board meeting;

• Participate in the annual conference/workshop;

• Encourage colleagues to provide contributions to the SRPoiSE publications; and

• Promote SRPoiSE activities and research nationally and internationally.

1)    In approximately 500 words, please highlight how your institution is committed to conducting Socially Relevant Philosophy of/in Science and Engineering in a way that is consistent with the Mission of the Consortium.

2)    Please include a letter from the leader of your organization (ex, Department Chair, Center Director,…) that endorses this application and demonstrates that your institution has the resources to fulfill the commitments of Institutional Membership.