Our Mission

This consortium supports, advances, and conducts philosophical work that is related to science and engineering and that contributes to public welfare and collective wellbeing. We aim to improve the capacity of philosophers of all specializations to collaborate and engage with scientists, engineers, policy-makers, and a wide range of publics to foster epistemically and ethically responsible scientific and technological research.

We are particularly interested in addressing complex social and environmental problems and in fostering the ability of researchers in science and engineering to do so as well. We seek to understand and ameliorate conceptual and institutional barriers to collaborative research across these groups. We work to cultivate strategies for training graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty on how to effectively collaborate across a variety of domains. We promote joint efforts among institutions and individual researchers to conduct socially relevant research. We seek to partner with other groups from philosophy and allied science studies disciplines to fulfil our mission. We are a welcoming and diverse organization committed to respectful and fair treatment of all of our members.