• Interview with Kyle Whyte (8/28/2014) - “Colonization has always inflicted anthropogenic climate change on indigenous peoples. Whether it’s forced removal, deforestation, or pollution, we can see countless examples of this. Most of these were cases of industrialization coupled tightly with colonization,” says Kyle Whyte, assistant professor of philosophy at Michigan State University.  
  • SRPoiSE: Second Annual Meeting: Call for Proposals (8/28/2014) - Submissions are invited for the Second Annual Meeting of SRPoiSE, to be held at Michigan State University Detroit Center, March 27- 28, 2015. This conference seeks to convene presentations, panels, and discussions that serve to promote better understanding of the opportunities and barriers for improving the capacity of philosophers of all specializations to collaborate and … Continue reading SRPoiSE: Second Annual Meeting: Call for Proposals
  • Don Howard on Robot Ethics (6/9/2014) - By: Dave Saldana Don Howard is not interested in setting out a parade of the horribles and scary what-ifs. We don’t have to ponder, as the classic sci-fi film “RoboCop” did in 1987, whether a fully automated law enforcement machine might fail and kill an innocent person. In a world where unmanned aircraft wage war … Continue reading Don Howard on Robot Ethics
  • Interview with Katie Plaisance (6/9/2014) - Actionable scholarship, she explains, looks at the implications of real-world knowledge creation, and what can been done with the accumulated knowledge. 
  • Science-Policy Interface: International Comparison Workshop (6/3/2014) - May 21st to May 23rd Organized by Heather Douglas, University of Waterloo Nicolae Morar (The Rock Ethics Institute, Penn State University) & Kevin Elliott (Michigan State University) From May 21st to May 23rd, the University of Waterloo’s Heather Douglas organized an impressive international workshop concerning the relationship between science and policy. Both of us, Nicolae … Continue reading Science-Policy Interface: International Comparison Workshop