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Guidance on Funding from Industry

From Heather Douglas in consultation with Kevin Elliott, Andrew Maynard, Paul Thompson, and Kyle Whyte.

Discussing the issues involved with taking funding from an industrial or corporate group in order to do scientific work (whether data collection, synthetic analysis, or science communication). The document addresses the possible problems such funding could pose, key values to be protected, and possible solutions to the challenge. The group has developed a set of overlapping practices that could serve to protect the integrity and credibility of such projects.

Toolbox Project

The Toolbox Project is intended to provide a philosophical yet practical enhancement to cross-disciplinary, collaborative science. Rooted in philosophical analysis, Toolbox workshops enable cross-disciplinary collaborators to engage in a structured dialogue about their research assumptions. This yields both self-awareness and mutual understanding, supplying CDR collaborators with the robust foundation needed for effective collaborative research.