Leah Henderson

Leah Henderson

Department of Theoretical Philosophy, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Research Interests

Leah Henderson works in philosophy of science and epistemology. Much of her work is concerned with general topics in philosophy of science, such as the relationship between inference to the best explanation and Bayesianism. She is engaged in a project funded by the Dutch Science Foundation which concerns the reliability of sources of information, including scientific experts on issues such as climate change. She also has research interests in policy-making informed by science.

Selected publications:
Leah Henderson (2017). Bayesianism and Inference to the Best Explanation: the case of individual vs group selection in biology. In Best Explanations: new essays on Inference to the Best Explanation, pp. 248-262, Oxford University Press, edited by Ted Poston and Kevin McCain.

Leah Henderson (2017). The No Miracles Argument and the Base Rate Fallacy. Synthese 194 (4), pp. 1295-1302.

Leah Henderson (2013). Bayesianism and Inference to the Best Explanation. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 65, pp. 687-715.

Leah Henderson, Noah D. Goodman, Joshua B. Tenenbaum & James F. Woodward (2010). The Structure and Dynamics of Scientific Theories: A Hierarchical Bayesian Perspective. Philosophy of Science 77 (2), pp.172-200.